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What is Medical Billing Outsourcing ?

Welcome to Fast Service Billing & IT – A leading service provider in the medical billing industry, servicing Arizona and the US. With our superior service to many medical practices in AZ and around the country, it is no secret why we keep getting referrals and we are taking care of more and more practices. – Having the most competitive price has brought on many new physicians; however, our ability for collections and our superb customer service has given FSB & IT a 98% retention rating in the past 5 years since we have been servicing AZ and the surrounding 49 states.

Our goal and mission at FSB & IT, is to secure all payments due to the physicians’ offices we service. We know that billing and collections is the life blood of ANY practice, and we take our position extremely seriously with timely turn around. We insure this with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that makes your offices success a personal mission, while using an IT department that is second to none to service all of your office needs. As we do this, we are constantly surpassing industry standards for your practices success.

Outsourcing is a way for physicians to cut overhead through administration cost, and focus on what grows their practice. New clients, and superb patient care. Outsourcing billing to a billing company such as FSB & IT, takes the burden of collections off of the practice and lets the billing company focus on what they do best, collections. FSB & IT is constantly learning and complying with ongoing new changes with the healthcare billing laws and rules. This takes a major burden off of a practice. With a team dedicated to focus solely on collecting ALL of the money your practice deserves, a physicians’ office will run more efficiently and focus on growth. Also through outsourcing, your practice will see a large improvement on the amount of collection that is recovered. For these reasons, more and more physicians’ offices are choosing this route.
Eliminate your rejection and denial rate

Rejections and denials cost a physician's office hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. It is our job to see to it that this does not happen. FSB & IT take the responsibility to recover your money personally. We will appeal and even go to court on your practices behalf to recover the money you are owed. We do this at no additional cost, it is OUR job to get YOUR practice every penny it deserves. We will go above and beyond to do this. - This level of commitment to our clients is what sets us apart; and to maintain this level of service, we hold our highly trained staff to a much higher level.

How we bring more income to your practice

Fast Services Billing & IT is dedicated to getting ALL of the money your practice deserves. While 40-50% of claims are paid upon the first submission. Most in-house billing department, and other billing companies, are limited in their resources in persuing these rejected submissions. This is when, FSB & IT is just getting started. FSB & IT will use unlimited time and resources to collect the other 50-60%. We aggressively pursue this until every penny is collected and do this at no additional charge.

You've worked hard enough; Let us work harder to get you paid!


Our superior medical billing service is fast, accurate, and efficient. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with consistent cash flow. Our medical billings department is aggressive to ensure a quick and thorough processing of your claims.

• 24 hrs claim submission.
• Payment as early as 5 business days
• Consistent cash flow you can count on
• We go after every claims, Medical Billing done right!
• Competitive, we will beat any comparable competitors


Whether you are a new practice or looking to cut cost, we can help. We are experienced in helping any size practice by handling all credentialing applications for all insurance carriers and hospitals. FSB &IT sees this process completely through until final approval.

Annually we will follow up to maintain all documentation to ensure compliance.

You have a practice to run, when you let FSB & IT handle your HR we will minimize your overhead cost and risk. With FSB & IT, the administrative burden will decrease dramatically and your practice can focus on what the true priorities are.

With our state of the art IT department, FSB & IT will provide access to information conveniently and securely through the Internet. This process will bring your practice up to speed with the latest and most efficient HR and Tax software, making the practice more efficient and profitable.

• Account Payable
• Account Receivable
• Human Resource
• Bookkeeping
• Payroll

When your office has computer issues, a lot of money can be lost quickly. Our professional IT department is experienced in the medical industry. They are familiar with EMR and many other systems and can ensure peace of mind for your practice when you need it most.

• Website Design
• IT Consulting
• New practice setup
• Search Engine Optimization
• Custom software development

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